FAQ -Frequently asqed questions

Thank you for all your questions, comments and ideas. We would like to respond to everything that interests you and, therefore, we have arranged the questions by the topic. If you have not found a reply to your question below, please, write, call or visit us – we will be glad to talk to you.
Closeness to the Hornád River

When we were looking for a suitable location for the Park Anička project, we carefully considered all aspects. We conducted a detailed geological survey, evaluated the flood risk. The place is, as to the flooding risk, safer than any other district of Košice (it is even safer than the Košice city centre!). The reason for that is the altitude figure for this area that protects the area from flooding. The simulation “100-year flood in the Hornád River in Košice”, prepared by experts /Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, Košice Self-governing Region/ shows that although the Park Anička project adjoins the Hornád River, it is not situated in the territory with flood risk. Moreover, there is an upgrade of the Hornád embankment and the entire river bed based on the most recent plans of Košice that should serve the protective purpose even more. If you looked into recent history of Košice you would not find a single mention of its flooding; since 1970, Košice is protected by a system of waterworks of Ružín that have protected the town from devastating floods.

Recreational zone Anička

In no event does this residential project take the recreational zone or the park Anička itself that is a favoured place of many Košice citizens. Park Anička is planned outside this territory and it only neighbours with it. On the contrary, this project will refine this area: old abandoned buildings located close to the place will be demolished, the road Pod šiancom is planned to be reconstructed just like the access road leading to the area, we plan to reconstruct the Vodárenská – Pod šiancom crossroads and plant tree-lined avenue, new trees and greenery.


We will use maximum efforts to help you finance your property under the best terms and conditions. We cooperate with all banks on the market and select the best conditions for clients based on the criteria provided at a relevant time. We will also help you with your mortgage administration, drawdown of individual tranches, we can represent you in meetings with the bank.

We have more than just standard relations with banks and rich experience with property financing. Throughout the past years, we have handled mortgage financing for our clients for more than € 15 million.

Parking and parking spaces

The Park Anička project offers enough parking spaces for future residents. There are more than two parking spaces per one apartment. The project will feature 238 parking spaces for residents with 104 of that number in the underground garage and 134 being outdoor spaces. So, when speaking about parking, the project offers more than is usual.

Recreational zone in the area: shelters, benches, playgrounds and other elements of active relaxation


The area around the apartment houses is closed and accessible to residents only. The area will be chip-secured ensuring security and privacy. Besides entrances to buildings from the front side that will also allow access to underground parking, there will be one more entrance for pedestrians through a gate from Vodárenská street.


Three shelters are planned to be built in the area – one bigger with a capacity of approx. 30 persons and two smaller ones with a capacity of 10-15 persons. The shelters will feature garden grills with water and electricity inlets.


There will be benches around the whole area, around the fountain and playgrounds.


Playgrounds and several additional smaller spots for children will create enough opportunities for your children to have fun.

Further elements of active relaxation, such as table tennis, skittles, chess, body weight equipment can be added based on agreement of residents.

Water world and fountain

Water world and fountain were designed for the area for several reasons:

  • Close to the area is a large well and its use would be free of charge for the residents. Water will also be used to water the green areas.
  • Water world and a fountain will make the atmosphere unique and there are not many projects that could take pride in having it and it would be a pity not to use such a potential.
  • Water level reaches around 5 cm in individual places and the depth of water in the 8 x 16 m walkable fountain is around 13 cm. So the water depth is not dangerous to your offsprings, on the contrary, it will allow you to freshen yourselves on hot summer days. The water world filling or draining will be managed by the residents themselves.
  • In winter months, the fountain can also serve as an ice rink for children.
Landscaping and roads within the area

The landscaping was designed by a garden designer. It should bring enough trees, bushes and decorative shrubs here to make it a nice place for you to relax and recreate. Decorative part should also include a rock garden and other garden flowers. Residents will be allowed to contribute to the landscaping concept on their own, too.

Roads within the area comprise packed gravel paths and pavements and areas made of interlocking pavers.

Optical cable, TV and Internet connection

Each apartment house will have access to the services of optical Internet, digital television and landline supplied by ANTIC Telecom.

  • Optical internet speed 1Gbit/s
  • Digital television – more than 200 TV stations
  • Calls free of charge within Antic network and offer of advantageous call plans

The project also includes a multifunctional building where we plan: supermarket and spaces to room additional services.

Will the project be finished as presented?

All parts of the project will be built and finished at the same time. The contract conditions of future residents will stipulate that all parts of the project have to be finished at the time of apartment handover, including landscaping, playgrounds, fountain, shelters… If not, future owners will be entitled not to takeover their apartments.

Apartments, their number, size and size of terraces

Number of apartments:

115 apartments are planned for the 4 apartment houses. From the town planning point of view, there will be approximately 2 m2 of land per 1 m2 of useful area, which is much more than is usual in similar development projects that normally use the 1:1 ratio.

Size of apartments:

The offer of the size of apartments and terraces is so diverse that everyone will find their ideal:

  • 25% of apartments with the area of 45 – 75 m2 (2 rooms) + terrace from 11,55 – 30,28 m2
  • 56% of apartments with the area of 75 – 110 m2 (3-4 rooms) + terrace from 5,61 – 58,90 m2
  • 19% of apartments with the area of 110 – 145 m2 (4-5 rooms) + terrace from 18,30 – 175,56 m2

Layout (size of terrace, living room, bedroom):

The apartment layout designed takes into consideration particularly the comfort and privacy of future residents as well as the function of individual rooms. The day part of the apartment that is usually most used is more generous as to the area. Balconies, loggias and terraces offer more space than is usual and will allow you to enjoy a morning coffee or an evening glass of wine with friends.